Central Splitter Installation

central splitter

Installing a central splitter or otherwise known as a central filter on your home or business wiring will enhance your internet connection and rid of unwanted faults and noise that causes interuption to your phone or internet services.

Installation of your adsl2 or vdsl2 compatible central filter is a matter of our licensed telephone technician visiting your premises and placing a passive electronic device in between your incomming phone line from the Telstra exchange and your ADSL2+/PSTN service.

Locations for installation of the central filter are usually on the side of your house, inside your roof cavity, or smart-wired telecoms box. Our technician will advise upon visit.

Benefits For Central Filter Installation:

tick One central point of failure, no need to replace multiple in-line filters inside of house as they are all split in one box.

tick MODE-3 (back to base) alarm compatible.

tick Good if you've got many phone sockets with home phones/faxes/alarms connected.

tick Prevents home phone crackling noises and general interference which effect your overall sound quality and poses ADSL2+ speed & quality issues.

Compatible Internet Technologies:

options ADSL or ADSL2

options VDSL or VDSL2 (more common on NBN type connections)

questionQuestion! Do I need to install a central VDSL/ADSL2+ splitter/filter if I've got no home phone connected? The answer is, no. You'll only require a filter when a PSTN home phone will cause interference.

We only install Telstra approved ADSL2+ or NBN compatible VDSL filters Central Splitters.

Click to download ADSL2+ central filter product specification sheet



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Central Splitter Installation

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