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internet repair

Do your websites load slowly? Or does your modem keep disconnecting? Checking your speed would be your first step in diagnosing the issue, but what next?

Mr Telco's Repair Process:

step 1 Check network boundary for speed, signal and problems

step 2 Identify entire home or business potential faulty wiring

step 3 I.D wallsockets for any underlying causes

step 4 Isolate and check all internal cabling connecting your devices

step 5 Test & confirm any issues and advise you (customer report PDF issued)

Mr Telco hires only licensed internet repairmen, fully fit-out with the right tools and test equipment, this makes your decision for choosing us a perfect one. Our techs are specialists in internet repairs and work everyday to make our customers happy and resolve any internal cabling or net dropout issues. Our Sunshine Coast technicians will be able to assist you and pivotal amongst all internet technologies, you can rely on us!

What connection types we can fix?

tick ADSL / ADSL2

tick VDSL2 (FTTN)

tick NBN (FTTH)

tick Wireless 4G / Wimax WiFi

Why would you choose us?

tick Same Day Resolution

tick Internal Wiring Fault Report

tick End to End Resolution

We promise same day resolution and a Service Fault Report PDF so you can send our findings back to your Service Provider. Also, if you didn’t know your ISP (eg Telstra, Optus, iiNet, TPG, DoDo) will only provide a working service to your outside box or network boundary point, thus if you have any outstanding problems inside your premises, then generally your ISP will still charge you a site-visit then ask you to call a licensed third party telecommunications contractor to attend and resolve your internal wiring, which is something we’re experts in. So, go ahead and book an appointment today with our Sunshine Coast Technicians!

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Internet / NBN Repair or Fault Investigation (inc technician roll out & repair)

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