Internet Speed Test

internet speed test

Many internet users experiencing slow download speed when considering a speed test, will generally jump onto the speed test websites which will display your upload, download speed and ping results in a meter reading type display.

Although performing a speed test of your slow internet connection this way is really convenient, it’s not showing any underlying issues or true maximum output of your internet connection.

Mr Telco’s internet repair specialists with an onsite visit are able to perform a speedtest report on our highly comprehensive test equipment which will give you more insight into your internet connection, and hopefully shed some light as to whether you may have some sort of internet cabling issue or interference. 

Speed test websites are only able to give you real-time download speeds, and not taking into consideration network congestion or other factors like CRC errors which could hinder your modem or routers performance.

Ultimately when our licensed test technician arrives at your premises, we will perform your internet speed test at the following locations;

step-1Customer wall socket where modem or router is plugged into

step 2NBP or otherwise known as the Network Boundary Point (this is where your Service Provider's general responsibility ends.

By our technicians performing a detailed analysis at these two sections of the network, will help you understand if you have any internal wiring or modem issues, or in fact problems are being seen from the outside network i.e your Service Provider.

Generally, having your internet speed tested by our Mr Telco technicians will give you peace of mind and we’ll let you know if there’s anything else to fix. If we think everything is OK, we’ll send an instant speed test report to your nominated e-mail address and be on our way.

Internet Speed Test Connection Types:

tickADSL / ADSL2


Select a time and date that suits for our technician to attend and perform a speed test at your premises

On completion of our site visit you'll be issued an Instant Speed Test Report detailing your speeds and results and delivered to your nominated e-mail address.

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