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One-stop-shop Telco Adviser providing telecommunications advisory services for residential, commercial and Internet Providers, picture a telecommunications consultant with a little bit more swag. In addition to providing our telco adviser services we also provide extensive consultation and helpdesk type services whereas we closely monitor your business to keep an eye out for the latest deals under our Mr Telco Concierge, which will be mentioned later.

telco adviser services for Concierge

What does a Telco Adviser do?

For instance, our telco technical consultant will arrange an appointment with our client, usually its the business owner or the CTO (Head of IT) depending on your business size, requirements and level of detail. Initially we could organise a telephone conference call followed by an onsite meeting depending on a few factors mentioned above generally the size of the business.

Will we save money?

Sure, there are always ways to save money for your business, and not only saving money, adding extra reliability to your business internet and phone with congruency. Our Advisers are always on the lookout for the best internet and phone deals.

Benefits for using our Telco Advisory services?

tickWe understand your requirements as a business (current + future).
tickPerform extensive audit on your communications and network.

tickRecommend the latest Voip & internet plans and services suited to your needs.

tickAuthorised account contact (never have to deal with your ISP again).

tickOn-site faults or installation requirements can be carried out by our National telco technician workforce, or if you have many stores we can take a level of control over your chain of stores and become your main point of contact, similar to a remote helpdesk service for your telecommunications needs.  + we can send our internet technicians out should we diagnose the issue to be on-site under SLA.

Mr Telco’s Concierge Platform is a one-stop-shop for IT & telecommunications management of your business. You can view the Concierge Platform & Pricing.

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