WiFi Access Point Installation

Undeniably, installing a wireless access point will increase wifi signal throughout your home or business allowing devices to operate within those nasty black-spots whilst improving performance and latency. Adding a wifi access point to your network will allow users to seamlessly roam from one room to another room on the same SSID.

wifi access point

How WIFI Access Points Work?

 Common configuration for wireless access points is simply to extend your current network to all the hard-to-reach places and operate within the same SSID where possible. In order to extend a network with your WIFI access point, you’ll need a top brand access point which you can generally be relatively safe from suppliers such as from D-LINK, RUCKUS, Ubiquiti, TP-LINK & CISCO. If you’re wanting the latest WIFI access point reviews just ask our staff members for the best solution for your application.

 Requirements for successful installation of your WIFI access points, you’ll need 1 data cable installed from your modem location to your desired coverage zone and also a power source. Many WIFI access points don’t include power adaptors inside the packaging, which means you’ll require a POE injector of which we’ll supply on the day of installation. Best WIFI access point locations are mostly installed on the ceiling, however depending on your space, they can be installed just about anywhere. Access points can be installed outdoor as well.

 For most residential or small business installation, our specialist team at Mr Telco prefer to use CISCO WAP type products which have proven brand, support and reliability factor.

 Don’t confuse yourself with regard to wifi range extenders and access points. Wifi range extenders often purchased at Officeworks or JB Hi-Fi are difficult for home users to setup and sometimes don’t function correctly to consumer expectation. Taking into consideration the price you pay and the frustration setting up the wifi range extender, you are best selecting a professionally installed wifi access point integrated into your network by our Mr Telco technicians. Mr Telco provide 12 months RTB warranty and superior customer service.


Wifi Access Point Installation Requirements:

 tick Data cabling requirement to your desired location (plugs into access point) Extra $199 inc GST if you currently don't have cabling to the location.

 tick TP-Link POE150S Single port PoE Supplier Adapter Injector (supplies power to the access point) Extra $39 inc GST and required to supply power.

 tick Supply & Install of CISCO WAP 371 Dual Band / Bandsteering capability Access point. (Included) + You can opt for alternate access point model and types. Just let us know.1

 tick Onsite WiFi Analyzer test to ensure the best location suitability.

NOTE: If you are after more than one access point installation, we should be able to provide a discount installation rate, just ask our staff, we can come to your premises and perform a site survey and assessment for only $33 inc GST. Should you decide to go ahead with our quote, we’ll deduct the amount from your total bill. Just fill out the online booking form and our technician will be in contact with you.

 Please ensure you have your wifi router SSID and password handy for our broadband technicians, this way we can help you get setup straight away.


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