Boost WiFi Signal! Learn How

Posted at 12/06/2016 08:58pm

boost wifi signal

Australia boasts world’s biggest houses with an average floor coverage of 245.3sqm according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) and a report recently completed by Commsec.

As Australians, having the worlds largest homes means our need for a super strong wifi signal requires different measures and requirements compared to other countries to truly provide household users fast, low latency and higher bandwidth increased wifi signal and strong connections. Able to penetrate apartment concrete walls and especially two + bedroom homes.

Quick WiFi Tutorial (brush up your knowledge)

In order to fix your current situation and boost your wifi within your home or business, you must first know the key elements that decide why one wireless router or access point should be better than another. Now, when you’re shopping around at Harvey Norman’s, JB-HIFI, Office works or your other favourite Saturday ritual shopping outlets, you need to understand that it’s not all about brands, hype and all that warm fuzzy stuff stores like to sell you.

wifi extender

 When I walk into these commercial stores and look at the packaging, I almost cry, because one of the main elements to determining one good wifi router/access point from another is called transmit and receive ‘gain’ or ‘power gain’ and is simply a measurement (dBm) of how well the antenna converts input power into directional radio waves, yep the stuff that floats through the air in between your home wireless router and your smartphone, laptop, tablets and other devices.

Determining a good wireless router or access point – How do you know?

Don’t stress, if you’re shopping around for a good wireless access point or router and they don’t mention power levels on the box and your store attendant is none the wiser, a fairly safe rule-of-thumb to go by – Wireless Access Devices with built in antennas are generally less powerful than devices with Antennas. So if you’re really looking to improve wifi reach within your dwelling, be sure to shop around for wireless routers and access points with external (omni-directional) antennas.

Wireless Access Points VS Extenders

Boosting your home or business wireless signal, many shoppers turn to those Wireless Extenders! You know those cheap devices generally made by Netgear or D-LINK that you plug into your power points that say press the WPS button and they instantly boost your wifi coverage area?

Everyday our Company Mr Telco answers phone calls from customers saying, “I just purchased a wifi extender from officeworks or JB Hi-Fi and doesn’t work, can you help me?”.

One of our general replies during our information gathering stage would be “ok, so how much did you just spend on this device?”.

Most of the time, customers will reply with a figure between $50 - $150 on the device, and then on top of that, the next day or two trying to configure it to get it working. These things are super confusing for some people, and you’re apparently supposed to ‘press a button and off you go ’INSTANT BOOSTED WIFI', seriously, life is never that simple.

Please, don’t get me started on the endless hours of conversations I’ve had with people about their wifi extenders and how to get them operational. Instead of beating around the bush, Mr Telco offer customers a more permanent solution for fixing their wifi woes, making your home or business internet and network reach all those super secretive places you love using your devices, like the toilet, a far away bedroom, or even outside near your pool or teen’s granny flat.

Mr Telco’s solution for best boosting and increasing your network should really be done with wireless access points. Now the difference between those power line wireless extenders I just mentioned above, and wifi access points are basically that the later require a dedicated CAT6 data cable installed between your existing modem location and your desired coverage zone and ensures dedicated up-time and bandwidth between your devices and your internet connection.

Let’s quickly tutor you on our approach to your personalized onsite assessment and quote:

tick Technician will assess the location, current setup and area you wish to cover.

tick Advise on best possible location and methods to install the access point(s).

tick Technician will provide you with a quote on-the-spot or e-mailed directly.

Should you agree to the quote:

step1 We’ll arrange a time/day suitable for your installation.

step2 Our fully licensed technician(s) will attend your premises on-time.

step3 Perform installation, setup and demonstrate your extended wireless network.

step4 Provide you with instant receipt and 12 months warranty on parts and labour.


If you'd like our technician to visit your premises, we can come give you a quote and professional assessment for only $33 inc GST. If you decide to go ahead with the job, we'll drop the $33 quote fee and get on with the job. Want to organise a WiFi access point installation or quote, just CLICK HERE to make a booking or organise a friendly quote.