Phone Number Check for Telstra & Optus! What's My Number?

Posted at 15/11/2015 10:54am

UPDATE: Should you wish to find out your landline number with NBN simply dial 1832 then your mobile number, and if your landline is private number, it will display it on your mobile phone. 08/11/2023

Certain situations require you to be able to identify your phone number at home or within your office, whether you’re with Telstra or Optus.

Let's say, you have just moved into a new premises and you plug your handset into your telephone socket and you discover you've got dial-tone already! But, you haven't currently connected your phone or ADSL service through your Provider.

We highly recommend you don't go rampant and start running up the last tenants bill by any means. However, you might be able to use that number for identification purposes, which will potentially speed up your ISP connection time, or lighten any unforseen potential delays when connecting your service. You can use the numbers listed on this page to dial back your phone number.

 Another example for you could be, you’ve just ordered an ADSL internet connection from your favourite ISP, and you currently HAVE dial tone present on your line, however you’re NOT seeing that wonderful green solid (or whatever colour) light on your ADSL modem, which basically means “HEY, I’M NOW CONNECTED TO MY PROVIDER’S DSLAM”.

 In this case, most of you people think, Ah ha! To identify my phone number associated with my line, I’ll just call my mobile phone, until of course you find out your phone number is private and you start gritting your teeth as you realise you’re about to face the wrath of your lengthy wait times and reluctant process you’re about to go through with your SUPER friendly ‘YES MA'AM’ and ‘HAVE A LOVELY DAY’ overseas call centre agents.

 In order to shorten the process and minimize on pain you're about to feel with your ISP, you’ll be required to use some ingenuity and becoming somewhat pro-active in the matter, so we’ve provided a list of dial-back test numbers below which could certainly assist you with identification of your phone line and service.

I've detailed in bold the most common number you'll  need to use.

Telstra Test Numbers

12722 0 CND send status
12722 123 Own number RVA (old number 19 123)
12722 199 Ringback (old number 199)
12722 40001 "The number you have called is not available from this service"
12722 40003 "This service is not connected"
12722 40004 "Your attempt to use this feature has been unsuccessful"
12722 40005 "The feature you have tried to to use is not provided"
12722 40006 "The number you have called is not connected"
12722 40007 Recorded busy tone
12722 40008 "Congratulations. You have accessed a standard network test message recording"
12722 40009 "The person you are dialling now has a new telephone number. To find out the new number please call Telstra's changed number information service"
12722 40010 "The number you are calling is currently unavailable"
12722 40020 "The number you have called is not compatible with your equipment"
12722 40023 "The service type you have requested is not provided"
12722 40024 "You have attempted to call via a service provider network.
All lines are currently busy. Please delay your call for a short time"
12722 40033 "This number is not in service. Please use the alternate number for the person you are trying to contact"
12722 40034 "This telephone number cannot be dialled with an area code. Please try again without using the area code"
12722 40035 "Thank you for using Telstra for your long distance calls"
12722 40036 Congestion tone
12722 40037 Congestion tone
12722 40064 "Operator assisted calls are not permitted to this number"
12722 42209 "Your Telstra call waiting feature is on"
12722 42210 "Your Telstra call waiting feature is off"
12722 42211 "Your Telstra call waiting feature is on"
12722 42212 "Your Telstra call waiting feature is off"

Optus Test Numbers

12723 12 Own Number RVA (old number 127 2311)
12723 22 1kHz
12723 99 Ringback


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