Extend internet signal upstairs and downstairs

Name: Peter

Location: Normanhurst

Internet speeds are perfect downstairs however at the end of the second floor in one bedroom the speeds drastically reduce.

I'm thinking of installing an Access Point preferably an UniFi AC Pro on the second floor and possibly connect ethernet to that bedroom. The modem is on the bottom floor and at the other end from the bedroom. How easily could it be done?


Access point installation is exactly what you need

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

You're precisely on-track. Living in a double story house, your wifi modem router will need to be repositioned into a more centered place of your home by either installing a new phone line/data cable to a centered location or running a dedicated data cable upstairs of your two-story home.

UniFi AC Pro at one stage was Mr Telco's preferred choice of access point, however we're now leaning towards the Auranet EAP320 Wireless Access Point Dual Band 2.4/5G Roof Mount by TP-Link.

The UniFi AC Pro was really great however we found inconsistency with configuration of the unifi app across our technician’s apple and android apps. Sometimes it wouldn't adopt the access point and even could not even find it during adoption.

The benefits of the UniFi AC Pro are it comes with the power injector, as opposed to the Auranet EAP320 it comes only with the power adaptor (meaning you need a power point nearby) or run a little POE+ 8 port switch behind it.

Mr Telco can supply, connect & configure your chosen access point, or you can opt for installation of the data cabling into the second story of your home only.

Alternatives are to use a power line extender, however not the best permanent solution.

Lets help you extend your internet wifi throughout your entire home.

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