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Speed and performance is paramount in the digital world, especially with the rise in online TV streaming and gaming, so your data cabling requirements need to be cut out for your Melbourne telecommunications and home network. You would have heard of Cat 6 data cable getting those speeds going for you, in fact Cat6 cabling is good for up to 10Gb per second data transmission speeds. The route that is traversed by cabling through your home or office needs to be contoured precisely for the task. Whatever limitations and shortfalls exist with regard to your Ethernet networking infrastructure at your Melbourne home or office, Mr Telco brings it to optimum working condition and whilst providing data cabling that’s as future proof as possible, all within your budget.

The first priority is to list out all of the uses and applications that you need to be accomplished with the data cabling at your Melbourne home or office. Mr Telco gathers this information and opts for a network design that will keep voice and data streaming through freely without any bottleneck points and giving you a low latency network using quality parts/switches/cabling.

Network design have to be calculated precisely with regard to the devices that are installed at each particular branching point or node. These hubs and the cables that connect are all engineered for certain data speeds and specifications. Cat 6 can handle higher frequencies than Cat 5e while being engineered to deliver improved signals. Don’t panic, our network cabling engineers will run you through and tailor a solution for you.

Our data cabling technicians can come over to your Melbourne building and carry out all cabling-related tasks if you live in;

Home Phone Line RepairOne story homes

Home Phone Line RepairTwo story homes

Home Phone Line RepairApartment blocks (smaller style)

Home Phone Line RepairHigh-rise Apartments

Home Phone Line RepairCommercial Business & Home Offices

Mr Telco brings you an all-encompassing service.

phone installation procedudeWe focus on making our customers derive the benefits of our punctuality

phone installation procedudeNo loose ends with regard to quality products

phone installation procedudeEqually high focus on leaving your premises looking spic and span after installation

phone installation procedudeComplete compliance with ACMA Rulebook

Our data cabling and installation services in Melbourne keep your business and personal communications at a whole new level of buoyancy. All the peak periods of activity are matched by the same level of fruition of network connectivity. Get in touch with us to experience the smartest Cat 6 network by design and installation.


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