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phone line installation

Registered technicians are required to carry out the telephone cabling installation of your phone line at your Sunshine Coast residential home or business. As new technologies are being ushered into the market in rapid succession, AMCA has been consistently revamping its guidelines. Our registered installation Company has technicians trained on all of the latest regulatory communications on phone and ADSL cabling installation.

Mr Telco stays fully updated and compliant on new technologies. This makes unnecessary the availing of a transition period provided by ACMA to get the competencies for newer internet technologies. Our technicians have competencies across the technology frontier ranging from structured, broadband, optical fiber and co-axial cabling. With accreditation to work on residential and commercial premises, Mr Telco has the wherewithal to install your phone line comprehensively in line with established standards.

Sunshine Coast customers can book online and get fast installation if they reside at these types of developments.

options One story homes

optionsTwo story homes

options Apartment blocks (3 story walk up)

options Office Buildings

Tested daily and approved skills and years of field experience, you get guaranteed elements from Mr Telco such as;

tickDependable and steadfast observance of your available times

tickAll components and products from leading brands

tickOrdered work process and care to clean up

tickOnline specialised quote

We have perfected our routines and procedures and have standardised training to new recruits.  Our specialisations include phone line installations, repairs and business VOIP phone systems. With end-to-end expertise, Mr Telco takes professional care of all of our phone and ADSL installations.

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