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Mr Telco's Sydney NBN Technician Internet Repair Process:

step 1 Check incoming active internet service(s) from NBN's Service Provider Network.

step 2 I.D + Repair of intermittent NBN cabling issues causing faults on your internet line.

step 3 Check entire home wall sockets for corrosion and bristle, then provide repair.

step 4 Inspect NBN internet modem/router cables, leads and connections for faults(NBN compatible routers can be provided if faulty).

step 5 Provide NBN Internet Service Fault Reporting & Speed Test onsite via Instant PDF DELIVERY.

When your NBN internet connection ceases operation or having problems with internet drop outs or slow speeds especially with the reliability of NBNs network, you’ll be required to engage Sydney internet repair technicians (NBN Certified technician) who are fully equipped with all required NBN test equipment (vdsl, ethernet, ftth, fttb, fttc, hfc) able to isolate and provide all internal home repairs of any internet connection types provided on NBNs network.

Mr Telco’s certified nbn technicians have superior testing equipment and instant reporting functionality, more advanced than any internet repair company in Sydney, well in-fact Australia.

Multiple technology types available within Sydney CBD inc. regional areas, inc. the NBN we can repair are listed below.

Internet Connection Types (NBN included) We Can Repair:


 tick VDSL2 (FTTN / FTTC / FTTB)

 tick FIBRE (FTTH)

tick Wireless 4G / WIMAX

tick 5G home internet / business internet

You’ll be super surprised how an internal wiring check, isolation and wall socket re-termination will enhance NBN's internet speed and mitigate drop out issues within your premises.

As part of our commitment to providing customers an overall excellent experience, you can put trust in our Sydney team of NBN internet specialists as we’re fully licensed private internet technicians, and expert within the telco realm and across all technologies related to your phone, internet & data.

Mr Telco will provide an on-site service fault report and an instant speed test report PDF should you request upon completion of our technicians visit.

Lastly, we have a tech-in-20 policy whereas, if you call us and leave a voicemail, if we don't get back to you within 20 minutes, we give you $20 OFF your NBN technicians visit prior to leaving your Sydney home.

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