Professional Starlink Installation Sydney

Covering all Sydney areas, we install Starlink on your home or businesses roof.

Our experienced Starlink installers are ready to set up your new equipment. We adhere strictly to the wireless installation guidelines setoutby under the ACMA laws and provide a quick, super tidy installation.

Once Mr Telco's installation is complete, our technicians thoroughly test your service to guarantee optimal speeds and reliability. Precision in positioning your Starlink dish is key, making sure clear view of the satellites from your roof, away from any potential obstructions.

optionsOne & Two Storey Homes

optionsGranny Flats

optionsBusiness & Commercial

optionsLarge Acerage Property

optionsMobile Homes  Caravans

Remember: You'll require a clear view to the sky when installed on your rooftop.

Our comprehensive service includes running;
- The provided data cable from the outside roof
- Strategically placing the Starlink internal wifi router to reach all parts of your home.
- Testing the Starlink Dish
- Educating the customer on the Starlink mobile app for setup.

We're equipped to handle various types of dwellings, including one-story homes, two-story homes, business and commercial properties, rural farms, and caravans too.

Our installation team offers a variety of mount types to suit your home's needs, such as gutter mount, tin roof mount, tile roof mount, antenna kits, eve mounts.

Mr Telco is your go-to professional Starlink installation Company in Sydney.

Our field technicians work across the majority of suburbs, including Bondi, North Sydney, Paddington, Surry Hills, Chatswood, even out to the Blue Mountains, Penrith and even Rural Sydney.

We pride ourselves on preparing, configuring, and testing all aspects of your Starlink service to ensure quality mounts, parts, and installations are carried out by licensed ACMA registered Starlink Installation Team.

Make a booking today. Leave a few notes under instructions that may help our starlink technician; such as two storey home, tin or tiled roof and the placement of the internal Starlink router. i.e. Which room is preferred for install.


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