Internet Connection Repairs

Internet Repair Connection ADSL VDSL NBN

Internet Repair Technician Process:

step 1 Check internet lead-in location for SYNC & Correct levels

step 2 I.D internal cabling issues between NBN or Telstra boundary point & wall plate(s)

step 3 Identify any possible causes that might require repair behind wallplate or sockets

step 4 Isolate and check internet's internal cabling connecting your devices

step 5 Test & confirm any issues and advise you (then issue a customer report)

Internet faults can happen just about any time of day and there can potentially be many reasons why your internet connection is slow or not working and now have no internet access. Eeek! The worst part, your internet service has most probably stopped working at the most inconvenient time, so you could potentially be looking for a reliable private ACMA approved internet and phone technician to visit your premises and repair your connection anytime of day or night!

Internet connection types we can isolate or fix?

tick ADSL / ADSL2


tick NBN (FTTH)

tick Wireless 4G / WIMAX

tick 5G Wireless antennas

tick Business networks

Guess what?  Mr Telco understands that your internet connection requires maximum uptime and with high demand for 24/7 fast internet connection, our ADSL & NBN technicians will certainly provide the quickest resolution, repairs and expert advice on your internet connections.

Included within our site visit from our standard ADSL or NBN internet technician fault investigation from our private specialist internet technician, we can provide upon request, an Internet Service Fault Report which you can pass to your Service Provider detailing our technicians findings at your property. This is great for proof should you be able to recoup any monies in regards to your fault should there be an issue on the network side (ISP or NBN) of the phone line or NBN NTD, PCD or hand-off point.

Service Provider Tip HEADS UP! Should your fault be located on your Internet Providers network there’s a chance you may need to engage your ISP to fix the problem, however we’ll do anything we possibly can to get you up and going at your home and give you peace of mind that you have no issues within your premises + You'll receive your free onsite INSTANT Service Fault Report whilst our internet technican is onsite.

 - If you've got a MODE3 alarm system and multiple home phones and faxes you might want to consider installing a central filter in your premises if you have ADSL2 or VDSL FTTN or FTTB connection. * NBN connectioned do not require a central filter.


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