Dedicated line for a lift phone for a house?

Name: Mimoza Stojanovska

Location: Georges Hall

I have NBN with Voip however I need a dedicated line for a lift that we are installing. The house is double brick and it will be in a basement.


You will need a GSM Dialer + 3G/4G Provider

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

For installation of a dedicated line for a lift installed in a home which has NBN and VoIP only, you could use what's called a GSM Dialer.

A GSM Dialer will enable you to insert a SIM Card into it and your lift will dial out when you press the CALL button or use the handset to dial out as you would.

You might want to just use a cheap SIM card provider such as Amaysim on a $10 per month plan to insert into the GSM device.

Because the house is double brick and it's located in a basement, you will need to position the GSM Dialer in an area which has reception. The best way to do that, is have a technician attend your premise and perform a site signal audit for your chosen Carrier you select i.e. Amaysim which use the Optus network.

In most cases you would install a GSM Dialer up in an accessible, but good reception area. You would then install a new phone line from this location back to your lift motor room.

The lift motor room generally is the point of connection where it hands your cabling into a LOOM which feeds up and down your lift shaft, so things like your phone line, power and cameras perhaps feed into.


Find our more information on our NBN Emergency Lift Phone page

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