Bridge tap in phone line? [VDSL / NBN / Internet / Phone]

Name: Nicole

Location: Sydney, Australia

I would like to book a technician to remove a bridge tap which is apparently causing internet to drop out inside our house. I have had a very disappointing service from my internet service provider during our switch to NBN and also in isolating this problem (months) and am hoping to fix as quickly as possible.

Quite frustrating after many long drawn conversations with our ISPs customer support they have finally sent a technician who put a testing device on the lines and advised we have a bridge tap which is affecting our VDSL (FTTN) however he can't fix it apparently.

Does Mr Telco repair bridge taps and If at all possible I am hoping for an appointment on Thursday afternoon Jan 18th between 1-5pm.


What is a bridge tap? Does Mr Telco fix bridge taps affecting slow internet dropping out?

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

We can understand your frustration with your internet connection, and yes your ISP is generally not responsible for repairing your internal wiring i.e. bridge tap.

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The term bridge tap in itself sounds kind of scary, but overall this is what it means.

Your average home phone cabling within a house is run in series. which means your all your sockets are daisy chained together linking from one socket to the next.

Bridge Tap Example:

ISP ====>[SOCKET 1 Kitchen]====> [SOCKET 2 BR1]====>[SOCKET 3 Study]====>[MODEM PLUGGED INTO STUDY SOCKET].

In this example, the socket 2 in BR1 would be the bridge tap, and if that socket was faulty, it has the capacity to flow on errors into the study where your modem is plugged into. 

How to fix a bridge tap in your home?

The best methods for removing a bridge tap in your home wiring and especially if you are upgrading to the NBN, would be to completely disconnect all sockets in your home EXCEPT the socket that has your modem/phone plugged into.

The easiest way to achieve this, is to completely disconnect your current old style telephone cabling and install brand new cabling from the network boundary point to your modem location. This way you can ensure you have 1 direct path to your modem, and minimising on faults caused internally.

It's probably a good idea for most homes who have old telephone wiring to upgrade or have a dedicated phone line installed in your home from a private ACMA approved technician who is experienced with NBN technologies.

Mr Telco's phone & internet technicians will be able to assist you with removing your bridge tap.

Have NBN FTTN (VDSL)? Get an NBN ready home cabling makeover.
1. We'll replace your lead-in cable
2. Upgrade your Telecom box
3. Install a dedicated cable to your modem location.

Standard Pricing $699 inc GST. Bring your home internet connection up to scratch today!

Remove your bridge tap from your phone line today!

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