Existing Data Ethernet Ports in House Not Active & Plugs Dont Fit

Name: Michael Villa

Location: Edgecliff

My sisters lives in a house located in Chatswood Sydney and has ethernet ports across the house but they're not active. I have found the data cupboard where I have located the ethernet cables (CAT6) that are linked to the ethernet ports however, the cable clips do not fit into the ethernet switch she purchased. One of these cables is plugged into the NBN NTD and the other end is connected to the modem where the cable was crimped and an adaptor applied so it could fit into the WAN port. We need these same adaptors applied against the other 5x ethernet cables to attach to the ethernet switch.


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Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

G'day Michael, the way in which you describe your Sister's situation, that you need adaptors on for each particular data cable to plug into the switch tells me either the connection point at the Hills Home Hub (assuming hills) were meant only for Cat3 which may just be for standard telephony.

Potentially and based on the information you've presented, you may need to remove all the Cat6 data cabling from each socket or connection point, and install a new Cat6 wall plug mech?

In continuation, the fact your Sister has purchased a switch and the data cables end connection points don't fit is concerning, are you sure you are using Cat6 patch leads for interconnectivity between the central hub/switch and NBNs router?


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