NBN Cabling Contractor Needed for Fibre Conduit Installation

Name: Bob

Location: Mt Helen

I just finished building a new home and organised a new nbn connection through our Provider. The NBN technician arrived he said hes not allowed to run the cable in the roof space?

Isn't that the NBN technician guys job, to run the bloody cable? He said I need an NBN cabling contractor or private technician to run the cable from the outside box to the study in my house where I want my wifi working from. NBN said its a free install but looks like its going to cost!!

How much to run the NBN cabling  from the outside box area on the garage to the study so I can install the fibre box NTD and the WIFI modem there?


Upgrading FTTP and need fibre cabling installed or the conduit?

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

NBN technicians are sent out to complete works for say a fibre to the premises installation. NBN technicians are actually subcontracted through a primary NBN Contracting company, and they are only paid a certain amount of money per install job.

Picture this: You're getting paid $200 per job as a cabling contractor to NBN, and you're issued two jobs a day.

One job is in Bankstown, and it's a one story home, quite easy to run a new nbn cable to the closest power point, perhaps say 2 hours total work.

Second job is located in Double Bay, which is a 2 story double brick 7 meter high house that will take the sub contractor say 8 hours to install the cable for the same amount of money, plus probably incuring extra costs for sundries etc.

Some times you have to feel for them.

NBN technicians will refer customers to a private techncian or nbn cabling contractor in cases where the job will take significant time, and out of scope.

An NBN technician will sometimes tell NBN customers, "call a private technician or contractor to install a conduit with a drawstring from the outside PCD location to your desired inside location". That way the NBN technician can return back to the premises and finish the job easily.

^^^This is a more expensive way, to install the conduit first.

Mr Telco will install an NBN approved SC/A white ruggedised fibre cable from the PCD to the actual room location, it works out cheaper for the customer. (no need for conduit).

1 STORY HOME = $449.00 inc GST

2 STORY HOME = $649.00 inc GST

That is the standard costs Mr Telco charge for an NBN cabling techncian to attend and run a brand new cable from the outside to your internal NTD or Wifi required point.

NBN Contactor needed to install cabling between outside and inside box?


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