How to speed up NBN Internet in apartment?

Name: Stuart Hilton

Location: North Melbourne

How much would it cost to remove two unused phone sockets? I'm looking to have a single phone socket for speeding up my NBN connection. I'm in an apartment so no other new wiring is feasible. I'm in Melbourne so any work will need to wait until after Covid lockdown ends. Many thanks.


Speeding up your internet is very possible!

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Thanks for clarifying your apartment has 3 phone sockets. Most viable way of speeding your NBN internet connection in your apartment would be, tracing the cabling within the apartment, and disconnect the wall sockets being unused, just as you mentioned!

What causes slow NBN internet in apartments?

Corrosion affects NBN wall sockets and cabling terminations, especially if your location is close to the beach.

What other methods to increase internet speed for your NBN connection?

Installation of an updated quality NBN wall socket, especially if the apartment building is considerably aged.

Re-terminating all interconnects from the closest wall socket in your apartment, IDF in telecoms riser, followed by reterminating the MDF A to B side should increase NBN speeds, providing a more consistant higher achievable bit-rate.

Speed Internet Up in Apartment. How much?

The works specified, providing the internet technician keeps under the hour allocated time frame for repair, your cost should be $189 inc GST, should the time extend, payment of $25 per hour will be applicable. Should the internet attend and deem you need another socket, a $39 inc GST fee will be payable on top of the abovemention fee.

Speed tests can also be requested and e-mailed through to the client detailing exact problems you had and provide a snazzy PDF Completion Speed Report.

Speed up NBN internet connection now!


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