How to stream Netflix on a NON Smart TV ready for NBN

Name: Alan Mc

Location: Bundaberg, Queensland

Hi, look I am totally lost on how to get the right equipment to start streaming with netflix, stan or any of them.

I have spent hours upon hours trying to understand what do I really need without wasting money I don,t have. I live at Burnett Heads near Bundaberg, QLD.

We won't have NBN until 18 July I am told by Optus. My 48" tv is LG, has 2 hdmi ports and one usb port. It is not a smart tv. I would like to talk with someone who can help me with the right tools I need to stream better viewing than I am forced to watch. 

I am 64 yrs of age and none of this was taught to me in my life. I just listen and ask for the right advice.


Buy Netflix streaming box or upgrade your TV

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

You can choose one of two things.

Either you can purchase a Netflix or Stan streaming device, then plug that directly into your television HDMI port. Or honestly, if you want to mitigate on so many wires, boxes and devices, making your life so much easier. It would be highly recommended to upgrade your TV and purchase one of the latest LG or Samsung Smart TV's. After purchasing a smart TV you'll question yourself why you didn't do it sooner.

All the latest Smart TV can wirelessly or hardwire connect into your internet connection, and come with all the latest gadgets and options for Stan, Foxtel now, Netflix, Youtube and you can surf the internet via the screen.

So many benefits of choosing a Smart TV and you will not be upset with that decision.

Need faster streaming to your Smart TV? Install a data cable directly from your router to TV

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