Cut Cables in roof after renovation - Will NBN fix?

Name: Ash

Location: 5016

We are getting NBN connected within the next couple weeks but we have renovated and cut many wires in the roof and I'm not sure if we even have a phone cable on the roof? Are we able to get it all rewired? and if so how much?



Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

If you're getting the NBN and have cut cables in the roof due to your renovation, before you go ahead and replace all your cabling, you are best to understand which technology NBN will roll-out into your premises.

As the NBN is a multi-technology network, this means that your internal cabling within your roof of which I assume is your standard phone cabling may not be suitable.

Should your home be connected with FTTC, FTTB or FTTN (Fibre-to-the Curb/Basement/Node), you can expect your existing telephone wiring to be used.

Best course of action would be to call a Mr Telco technician, and we'll lookup the NBN technology for your home, and then install brand new phone, data or fibre cabling to ensure you will have a smooth transition with your NBN installation.

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