NBN FTTB Cabinet Beeping Alarm

Name: Joshua

Location: Gold Coast

My Apartment Building has NBN FTTB and currently there seems to be an alarm sound going off from the NBN FTTB Cabinet. I have been advised by my ISP that the Battery will need to be replaced and this is not something that will be done by NBN or my ISP.

Is this something Mr Telco is able to assist with? Currently there seems to be a lock on the cabinet, to which I don't know where the key is.


NBNs Responsible for All NBN Equipment & Infrastructure

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Very odd an NBN representative advised you that the battery alarm is going off within the FTTB and informed you they cannot repair it?

All NBN equipment and infrastructure is owned and maintained from NBN and can only be repaired from NBN Contractors with a Work Order ID and support ticket.

Inside the FTTB NBN Cabinet there are 4 batteries connected in a string. We recommend you re-engage NBNyou contact NBN faults Number.

Each NBN Cabinet is fitted with a Remote Telementary unit (RTU) which reports on events and triggers related to doors opening, environmental and equipment status. NBN Service Team will see these events logged and action accodingly.

Best way forward, contact NBN Infrastructure team and report their equipment as faulty

Should you have further concerns, you can lodge a Mr Telco NBN technician phone call request, and we'll clarify some information in a friendly phone call to see if it's within our juridiction for repair, just complete your details and one of expert licensed technicians will phone you.

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