1 way voice on home phone landline connected on NBN

Name: Sue Llora

Location: Buddina

I have been on Telstra NBN for 10months with a landine connected without a problem. Now I have a problem with the landine, there is a dial tone and I can receive and make calls but I can hear them but they cannot hear me. I have spoken to Telstra and they say the NBN is fine. I use this line for work so must get it fixed asap. Any idea on what the problem would be?



How to fix one way voice calls with the NBN?

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Experiencing 1-way voice calls (audio) where one party can hear and the other can't is generally related to one common problem.

No, it's not your microphone.

Although there are multiple ways to connect to your landline under NBN's multi-technology network. However I'm going to assume you aren't using fibre-to-the-premises whereas your homephone will connect directly into the UNI-V port on your NTD however fibre-to-the-node or VDSL2 technology.

If you're using VDSL2 connectivity, there is a high chance your ISP has you connected through the FXS port on the back of the modem/router.

The most common problem is NAT (network address translation) or blocked firewall ports on either your home router/vdsl2 modem OR in-fact on your ISP's network. YES it can be an issue with them also.

How NAT works is, when your phone is on your internal network for it to talk to the outside world it must talk within the public IP address space, so it maps the ports which your internal network uses and maps it to the public ip address (i.e. the internet), so there could be an issue with having NAT disabled on your home router.

I would recommend logging into your home modem/router and enabling NAT.

You may also have a firewall installed on your home router or computer even (depending on how your landline is connected) which is stopping the traffic/packets out to the network or back in. I would recommend you do a thorough check over your settings, and if that fails please contact your ISP.

If you would like to setup a remote session with one of Mr Telco's engineers over the phone to investigate, we can login via a remote session using Teamviewer: Download Here.

Once you've downloaded and installed the application, ask our team for remote assistance. We'll generally charge $25 per 15 minutes to login, so its definately worth it.

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