Phone line broken! Who fixes phone lines?

Name: Judith Groat

Location: Donvale

Newly signed up with internet provider TPG for our NBN connection. They advised our modem should be plugged into the wall connection telephone port.

We've had issues our internet has been dropping out, just wondering does Telstra fix phone lines?

I remember Telstra always repaired our lines   like 10 years ago. 

I called Telstra and they said they cannot fix our connection. Right now I'm stuck using mobile data and need my phone line fixed asap can you help????


Broken Phone line? Don’t call Telstra

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Over half a decade Telstra was an all in one company that repaired phone lines from the Exchange to your wall socket. 

Since NBN has over 150 RSP (Retail Service Providers) using its Network, an NBN technician is responsible to ensure working services to your demarcation point. I.e little grey box on the side of your house. 

Telstra's and NBNs responsibility stops at this demarcation point.

All broken faulty telephone wiring inside your home is to be fixed by a registered private AMCA technician and yes, Mr Telco are able to fix all telephony and internet services.

Many ISPs using NBNs network utilise our repair services as we are national or you can jump on the web and search ACMA technician for a list of registered contractors!

Need fixing your broken telephone or NBN connection?

Fix Phone Line Now

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