How long does it take NBN to activate?

Name: Vicky

Location: Chatswood, Sydney

Recently moved into our new home, we have the NBN box currently connected to our hills home hub and connected the wires from the NBN modem to my Internet Provider.

I've just signed up online, and also received a new connection letter from Aussie Broadband. How long am I waiting for NBN connection to work?


NBN Activation time is in-fact sometimes super fast and sometimes a little well sluggish!

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Perfect! Hopefully the new move into your house was painless and minimal stress. Ah, who are we kidding!

NBN's a multi-technology network, so depending on which NBN modem handoff type you have connected, connection and activation times can indeed be super quick from 15 minutes! Situations can occur depending on the relationship with your ISP and them having a direct connection into NBN back-end system enabling fast activation.

Rule of thumb to go off, perhaps allow up to 4 hours. I'm sure you've got some extra unpacking to do.

A very simple method for identifying as soon as its connected, is open your Windows PC should you have one, then click on the search bar down the bottom. Type in the letters CMD then press enter.

You'll notice a black window appear called the Command Prompt.

Simply type in the following: Ping -t (press enter).

Every second your PC will send a ping to Google's Servers to see if its alive and once you have one that looks like this; Reply from bytes=32 time=26ms TTL=116.

Woolah! That means your NBN internet connection is now activated! Continue to close the Command Prompt window and start surfing the web.

Should your internet connection not be activated post 4 hours, you could indeed have an NBN cabling issue or line fault within your property, of which you'll require a private technician to resolve for you.


I hope this has been informational, feel free to reach our to Mr Telco's technicians for friendly telco advice.

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