Does NBN provide Voltage on the phone line?

Name: Terry

Location: Sydney

Newly connected NBN connection my property in Sydney and I was told NBN was suppose to have a voltage on the telephone line. Wondering if that's why our internet connection is not working? FTTN connection


Fact! NBN internet services don't require voltage

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Prior to NBN Australia's internet access was primarily provided vis ADSL2+. NBN newer technology using FTTN/FTTB use Alcatel DSLAMs (Digital Subscriber Line Access Multiplexers) do not require voltage, as the path is only used for transmitting data between your modem and NBN's equipment.

An NBN DSLAM acts as the central office that aggregates and distributes the high-speed broadband signals to end user's modems.

Previously using ADSL, we were using older an technology, whereas the internet would run over the existing already in place telephony services which did require voltage.

Because newer VDSL NBN modems do not act a a DUMB terminal, they are smart. So, any NBN VDSL service ONLY utilise the telephone pair to transmit data down the telephone pair.

If you choose to still have a standard telephone service connected with NBN. The 48Vdc is provided from the rear of the modem connecting via the FXS port, and moreover doesn't have to send the power from the Exchange anymore, however your home NBN modem acts as the new Exchange.

Hoping this has been informational.

Internet not working? Perhaps its a faulty socket or connection. We can fix.


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