Does standard telephone cabling work for House to Granny flat internet connections for NBN?

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Can cat 3 telephone cable be used for nbn from house to granny flat?


Cat 3 Telephone cable used for extending NBN to granny flat?

Name: Mr Telco

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Yes, currently if your home has telephone wiring within your premises, and the costs to run and install a new Cat6 data cable to your granny flat would cost significant amounts of money due to civil works being required.

Two options include; installing a P2P wireless access point or a VDSL line extender. A VDSL Ethernet extender kit (containts two units, the first VDSL converter at the house, and second unit on the granny flat) converts signal from Ethernet between your NBN router then through the telephone line which runs to your granny flat, followed by the second VDSL converter which will be installed within your granny flat of which you will then plug an Ethernet cable directly into a second router or even access point. You will need a telephone technician to assist in setup.

Please find below example of a VDSL to Ethernet converter.

VDSL to Ethernet converter extender


Need assistance installing your VDSL to Ethernet line converter?


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