Vodafone Australia MCC MNC?

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Can someone assist with Advice on Vodafone's MCC MNC settings for mobile broadband settings?

Everytime I dial out of my mobile, although myobile data seems working I cannot dial out. Everytime I dial any mobile or landline, it says "call ended".

What causes this "call ended" yet it fails to even dial out and disconnects before any call has been made!!!


Vodafone MNC MNC settings Australian network.

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Firstly, it's imperative to ensure your Vodafone mobile broadband or carrier APN is set correctly for Vodafone. However since you mentioned mobile data is not of concern, you likely don't need modification to Voda's APN.

When your Vodafone or infact any Carriers handset upon boot, sends Type 0 SMS to the handset to set the correct MCC & MNC.

Vodafone's correct Carrier Settings Australia are MCC 505 MNC 03.

Failure to set these settings for your Carrier Vodafone will not allow the correct dialling string for parsing and hand-off to the Carrier's network, hence when you attempt to dial a telephone call, it's not receiving the correct handshake dialling out on Vodafone's network.

I hope this has been informational, should you have questions with regards to Vodafone's correct setup or still this hasn't fixed your issue contact us on 1300 788 987

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