Internet Not Working in Unit TPG

Name: Susan Li

Location: Guildford

My parents live in a unit and the internet service is not working for the last few weeks. TPG and NBN have sent numerous technicians to the property and found out the 'No service' was seen to be detected within the internal wirings within the property going to your unit.

I have spoken to strata and they said if it is the wiring issues involved the exclusive use of the own unit then it is the owner's responsibility.

Are you able to fix it and the cost for the repair ? I have copied the exact findings from the TPG technical report to below".


Issue reported by customer: No Sync On the 11th of September 2021, You reported to us that your internet service was not working at all and the helpdesk department escalated the case to Escalation Department.

On the same day, we detected a line issue from NBN and we escalated the case to NBNco. On the 13th of September 2021, NBN attended and changed the C-Pair from the physical network. On the 14th of September 2021, our escalation department request to send out a TPG technician as service remains unstable. On the 15th of September 2021, our TPG technician tested the service up to the Main Distribution Frame (Network Boundary Point of NBN’s Network) at your address and proven the service working up to that point. Issue that results to No service was seen to be detected within the internal wirings within the property going to your unit.


Internet in unit not working? Yes Mr Telco repairs unit cabling faults.

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Cabling beyond the MDF is not the responsibility of your Internet Provider.

The MDF is a demarcation point for NBN or your Internet Service Provider. Basically, they will say, Hey! We've delivered a working Service to your basement, any cabling beyond into your unit then becomes either strata or the owners responsibility to supply and maintain.

As you've mentioned your TPG Internet previously was working within your apartment, I believe there is a high chance that another tenant within the building has utilised your pair within the in-building cabling thus disconnecting your service.

You will likely need Mr Telco to perform diagnosis from within your apartment through to the MDF and re-jumpering a new pair or line back to your port tagged on the MDF.

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