Aussie Broadband Drop outs no service

Name: Simon

Location: Buderim 4556

Nbn service through Aussie Broadband dropped out Monday morning. No service since. Have run through trouble shooting steps with Aussie twice but no issue discovered. Nbn have run a line test and no issue discovered, so closed the job.

Aussie have requested that nbn reopen job but think that nbn might run satisfactory line test and close job again.

I really need internet and would like to determine if there’s anything on my side that could be causing the issue and which would not be picked up by Aussie or nbn on their tests. I

have a reasonably good understanding of home internet/modem set up and am confident that it’s not a problem with that. Really need internet and really need someone to fix it. Hoping you guys can help please! Many thanks


NBN Run Line Test? Perhaps internet cabling technician required.

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

After completing the ABB troubleshooting steps, and NBN confirming no fault found whilst administering an NBN line test between NBN's DSLAM VDSL NODE and your home router, a likely reason is one of the following:-

1. Aussie Broadband Credentials in the modem have been lost, sometimes whist experiencing storms its not unlikely electrical equipment fails, and perhaps the modem as lost its ROM/RAM. Thus you might need to login to your Routers GUI interface, for example for the Netcomm NF10W supplied with Aussie's NBN is and follow the steps for configuration.

2. An internal wiring issue within your home, this could be intermittent, sometimes identified in the way of whats called a Bridge Tap.

TIP: Modems have (2) very important lights for identification of either line issue, or modem issue.

a) Internet Light (looks like a world or @ symbol) - This is confirmation that you have continuity between NBN's DSLAM i.e FTTN and your homes modem, if this is off, 90% likely its a faulty telephone line or bridge tap.

b) Authentication Light - If you've managed to identify your Internet Light on your ABB modem is OK, and the Authentication light is out, you might need to re-authenticate your username and password, via the modem's web GUI mentioned above. 

Hope this has been informational and clarification, if you've satisfied checking you may need calling an Aussie Broadband technician to fix your internet service. Also, before I forget, if its an internal wiriing problem beyond the network boundary point, a Private Technician Service (i.e. Call our team if you like) maybe required.

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