Can Telstra & NBN Pits Be Driven On In Driveway [cars, caravans, trucks]

Name: Bronwyn

Location: Manunda

My duplex neighbour just had an underground NBN pit installed in front of her place. It has what looks like a standard concrete cover. She asked me not to drive over it. Are the lids trafficable? We have to drive over it to get my 19' caravan up onto the median strip to pack it up for trips away. It wouldn't happen often. I want to know what weight load these lids can handle.


NBN Pits Can Be Driven with cars and caravans, however.....

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Previously Telstra now NBN has taken over Australia's telecommunications underground infrastructure, its important to know which pits are trafficable and which can't be driven on.

This is determined by the actual CLASS of Pit defined under the Standards Australia called AS3996.

You can find the classification type usually imprinted / embezzled into the top of the lid. So depending how heavy your car, caravan, van or truck is. Following is a quick chart on each weight class and maximum weight eat pit type can sustain.

Quick Quide for NBN Pit weight class:

Class A - 330kg

Class B - 2670kg

Class C - 5000kg

Class D - 8000kg

If you are concerned about driving over an NBN Pit its best to investigate its class type by observing the top of the pit lid prior to any carriage over the lid in question.

Example of NBN Pit Weight Class.

NBN Class B Pit Example Suitable for Car & Caravan



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