Lead in Cable Repair

Name: Rob

Location: Manly

Hi I have a telstra lead in cable installed running across my driveway, its is a poorly installed cable and the installer many years ago made a real mess of the install.

I would now like to renew my driveway and was wondering if Telstra would be responsible for any lengthening of the cable if it needs to be made a bit longer to go into the new slab? Cheers.


You will need a Telstra Approved Contractor for lead in repairs

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Sorry to hear about your initial poor lead in cable installation. If you are looking to rennovate or renew your driveway, you are able to certainly do the job yourself without having to engage Telstra or NBN.

The process to follow for any lead in cable repair, extension or alterations should be done though a Telstra Approved Contractor ONLY

Just so you know, Mr Telco are in-fact a Telstra Approved Contractor and have a National Certification. Whether you're based in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane or any other capital city we are able to perform lead in cable repairs and installation for customers.

How much does a lead in repair cost?

Lead in repairs will cost you from $229 inc GST onwards generally, however depending on the works required. If you need conduit placed into your ground, there is an associated cost per/m for digging in the conduit should that be required.

For a standard lead in cable installation cost is generally $300 inc GST for a new installation. Repairs are generally cheaper, however our technical experts will need to fully understand your situation.

Best way forward would be to contact Mr Telco's Technical Manager and run us past the situation in full detail and then we may send a technican to perform a quote, or even send a quote to repair your lead in cable and conduit over the phone depending on complexity.


Image: Telstra Approved Contractor (lead in cable repairs/installation/alternations)

lead in cable repair

Mr Telco can perform lead-in cable repairs Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Newcastle, Canberra, Wollongong. If you are outside these locations, still call the team and see if we can assist. We have a wide database of contractors who may be able to assist you in rural areas also.

Need NBN or Telstra lead in cable repaired? Contact our office on 1300 447 715

Repair Lead-In Cable

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