How much does it cost to install Starlink

Name: Relle

Location: Sunshine West

I bought the Starlink kit from Office works last week so I've got the cables, the starlink dish and parts that come with it but currently i have the cabling out the window and the starlink installed in my backyard which is a hazard and I don't particuarlly want to leave my window open.

How much will it cost to get someone to install the dish thing on my roof?


There are two standard pricings for Starlink Installations

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Great to hear you have your Starlink Kit. Also, agreed having the cable going out the window is not a permanent solution.

Two pricings exist for Starlink Installations:

1 Story Homes = $499 inc GST
2 Story Homes = $799 inc GST

The above price is inclusive of a standard roof mount. Other factors may include cable path and roof access, an additional cost may involve mounting of conduit from the dish to a Starlink Wall Socket or Internal Wifi Router supplied by them.


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