Who pays for a phone connection on a new building tenant or landlord

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Who pays for the phone connection on a new building so the tenant can connect the phone, NBN or internet connection?


The tenant is responsible. Here's why....

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On a brand new home or development, when the tenant moves into a property, most people assume that the phone is connected already or that the landlord must pay. Although certain circumstances deem the landlord or realestate responsible, however that is more related to faulty cabling in the home or into the property.

When a property is new and the tenant wants to connect the internet or telephone, it's the tenants responsibility to call the ISP and establish a new connection. The first time this cost is $300 to activate the phone line. 

The reason it's so expensive the first time, is that the ISP needs to build the line or circuit between the property and the exchange or VDSL Node. This means a truck roll out on behalf of the Provider. Depending on the connection type, it is usually NBN or a Telstra tech visiting your home. 

Most of the ISPs will handle this process and pass the fee direct to the end customer i.e. your tenant. 


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