Renovated Home Cant Find NBN Socket or Lead In Cable

Name: Ian

Location: Melbourne

Hi. We moved recently to a new house and did some renovation. Since then we have tried to setup the NBN connection but the Telstra and NBN techs couldn't locate the lead in from the street. To make things worse the phone line point has been deleted during the renovation. The property had NBN previously and there was a land line so our problem is finding the lead in and making sure it works. Is this something your company can help us with? Our location is in Bon Beach 3196 Melbourne.


Best Option: Install & New NBN Socket. And Locate Lead-in with Cable Locator

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Too many enquiries from home renovation specialists (home reno teams) very similar to your question. Before installing a new telephone socket for FTTC / FTTN type NBN, you will in-fact need to locate your NBN Lead-in Connection Point (Network Boundary Point), and is achieved utilising two methods.

Locating NBN Lead-In Cable Method #1 (cheaper).

Depending on the extent of the home renovation, adding on garages, patios, extensions, granny-flats can be built directly over Telstra/NBN conduit entry point, meaning you'll probably never locate the end of the pipe entering your home.

However, less extensive home renovations (cosmetic only), where no extra construction was added, your cheapest method is engaging a private technician. Technician arrives to your home, opens the Telstra(NBN) Pit, installs a fibreglass rodder into the existing pipe, then measures the distance to the house (if no breaks in the pipe) and with experience and ingenuity a technician should be able to locate that tricky hidden lead-in location.

Locating NBN Lead-In Cable Method #2 (more costly).

Cable Locators use a Sonar technology, we can pick up certain frequencies which identify your NBN conduit and cable. How much for a Cable Locator? $200 per day average, and along with a call-out of a licensed ACMA technician able to configure the locator, the lead-in cable should be found within about 30 minutes or so! Probably $400-$500 task. Which is well cheaper than installing a brand new lead-in cable, pulling up your gardens and concrete.

Once your super hero technician has found your lead-in conduit, an average NBN or phone line install, you're estimate around $250 inc GST! 

Wow, so many people tile over their telephone sockets, not only in houses, and units too. They forget that is the main socket in houses and units.

I hope this has been informational for you! If you're requiring further assistance with your renovations and locating or installing a new phone line, simply ask!

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