NBN Eftpos not working

Name: Chris

Location: 2011

Telstra disconnected ADSL - Where NBN has now installed the NBN cable at my business it's not close to the Point-Of-Sale System and eftpos terminal. Is it viable to take the hub where the POS systems are at the counter? 

Is there a way to connect NBN line to my existing copper telephone cabling? Is it possible to find an alternative solution?


2 ways for fixing your NBN Eftpos - make work again.

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Eftpos / POS systems at your counter were traditionally connected via telephone lines / ISDN (ISDN now redundant). However, Eftpos companies are now using Ethernet connections, which makes it easy to plug your existing efpos and point of sale into your modem router. 

Eftpos and POS NBN connection tips:

TIP 1: Install a new nbn data cable from your new NBN modem or router location to your front counter eftpos POS location.

TIP 2: If you have existing data cabling between your POS and your modem location, it might be a simple fix by trialing a few existing data ports near your front counter and patching them through to the back of the modem. If you have a few too many ports, an internet technician can trace-you-data-cabling and plug your equipment in for you. 

Note: 2 lights on the rear of the NBN modem, one orange and other green, will indicate transmission between your Eftpos and POS.

Given the above, not every shop owner is IT savvy, so sometimes it's best to stay in your lane and engage expert telco tecnicians to resolve your POS & eftpos problems, overall you will have less headaches and prompt realiable telecommunication expertise at your fingertips.

Eftpos & POS NBN issues sorted today!

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