Wifi vs data cabling for security cameras

Name: Iain Herbert

Location: Carindale

Am thinking of installing a PoE Home security camera system, I presently have NBN coaxial to the residence. Am thinking about trying to improve the wifi in my house by installing a WAP. Should I network the house or can I run a Ethernet cable from the WAP to the back of the iiNet modem/router? Also want an UPS for the security and modem.


Wifi Vs Hard-Wired Cabling. Of Course dedicated wiring

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Firstly, you've asked 3 questions. Let's break them down.


Firstly installing your home security cameras. There are so many brands and connectivity solutions for each, depending if you've chosen a home security solution such as Ubiquiti, a majority of them are battery powered. This means they're installed, connect to your home wifi router or Ubiquiti hub and it's a fairly straight forward solution. As long as you're good with a ladder and screw driver set, you're likely safe as houses installing your DIY KIT.


Other solutions say from companies like HIKvision are moreover used for small to medium businesses, and there is no requirement for a POE adaptor because the power is sent from the HIKvision NVR. Look at it like a centralised station or box where all your cables run back to. Then you'll plug your hike vision box into your NBN router provided from your ISP.

Secondly, most houses in OZ require WAPs installed to improve the wireless reach for better coverage and signal. This enables faster and more reliable internet.


Ubiquiti have a great range of entry level WAPs for home users ran off POE adaptors.

Best method is installing your POE adaptor near your home router followed by running a dedicated Ethernet data cable to your poor coverage area and installing your chosen WAP in this location for boosting your internet signal strength.

You will require an AMCA Approved licensed technician for running the data cabling and whilst the technician is onsite have him mount the Access Point or WAP for you. Why not, he will have his ladder out, right?


Finally, dedicated data cabling will always be more reliable and secure to a home wifi network, however if you have many mobile devices and tablets, a WAP may just be your best option.

Hope this has been informational and for a further look or if you've any questions, drop our team a line, we'd be happy to clarify any questions you may have.

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