Employer Needs Computer Connected via Data Cable

Name: Allison

Location: Pimpama

Hi my work has advised i need to be connected to my nbn modem via ethernet cable. I currently just run a really long cord from the nbn box to the modem and then another really long cable from my modem to the computer but im moving to a place where the nbn box is in the garage which is not attached to the town house. I dont know what my options are?


Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Employers requiring their staff working from home prefer to be hard wired or physically plugged into the modem for latency and security purposes. Especially if your running VoIP, it's super sensitive to delay in transmission.

Post COVIDs impact, many companies require employees to connect via VPN to access their internal network. This is for security, however, the connection might need a more stable connection to increase speed. Which of course increases your productivity!

Majority of NBN boxes are located within the garage on newer homes. 


Always check for phone ports or data ports near your NBN Box location. You can use a data cable fly lead from this location to plug in and continue the cable path to the lounge, study, bedroom etc.

Don't stress, if you cannot locate any ports or not too savvy with telco/IT, perhaps Mr Telco techs can pop out to investigate or simply run a new data cable from garage to desired location in house. 

Employer doesn’t want you using wifi for work? We can install data cabling for you!

How much?

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