Wifi Wont Reach Garage

Name: Jamie

Location: UMINA beach

I’ve just installed a tv in my garage and went to get the internet connected. My existing wifi extender for the house isn’t cutting it. Looking for someone skilled to either set up a new mesh system that will cover the house and garage, or install data cable so the TV in garage can connect through Ethernet cable directly to our NBN (Telstra)


Struggling Wifi for Garage TV? Simple Solution.

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Garage wifi reception tends to be weak as most garages are either at the very front of the house or on a far side and won't reach.

Mesh wifi systems for garage wifi coverage should work problem free a majority of the time, however from a reliability perspective, not the best solution.

I would install Cat6 data cabling including data cable wall socket behind your TV followed by plugging a secondry wifi router so you can enjoy both reliability for streaming on your TV, whilst also acting as another wifi access point for your garage to boost signal.

Improve garage wifi signal today in your garage or kids rumpus room


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