How to boost NBN in 3 or 4 story town house?

Name: Jane

Location: Bowen Hills

Hi, I recently got NBN installed but we live in a 4 story dual living townhouse. I have a wireless mesh system to boost the signal but the speeds upstairs are not good when we're all watching netflix. I suppose my question is do we re-position the phone line and modem to the floor in between us, get a new connection or install a data point on level 3? I'm at a loss on what to do.


Wireless mesh systems are a good choice.

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Obtaining optimal NBN speeds especially whilst all occupants are watching Netflix or any IP TV at the same time for that matter presents a difficult challenge especially because you live in a multi-story townhouse. Wifi signal needs to penetrate multiple floors and depending on the RSSI on the device receiving the signal, i.e. mobile phone, Smart TV, they might be connected to the mesh access-point that is not the optimal one for strength .

Fundamentally, installation of hard wired data cabling provides 100% reliable transmission between each connected Smart TV, mobile, computer etc and your modem. However that doesn't rule out any speed or bottle-necks from the NBN modem router into NBN's network.

Recommendation would be arrange for a licensed ACMA telco technician to attend site under a Internet & Phone Repair site visit, then whilst the licensed technician is on-site have them perform a wireless survey to ensure that your wireless coverage is suffice. This will certainly bring peace of mind that your home NBN connection is optimally performing for your household.

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