Opticomm Box Not Connecting With Router Can I Plug My Laptop Directly Into Opticomm Box?

Name: Anne

Location: Strathtulloh

We have an opticomm box with internet connection and Aussie Broadband can also see a signal, but router isn't reading a signal. When I connect my personal and work laptop using the ethernet from the opticomm box, both laptops do not pick up any internet. We had a technician come out and he said that they router doesn't have a Mac address so I need a new router, but speaking to Aussie broadband, they say that because my router is new, that shouldn't be the issue as my laptops aren't picking up signal as well. Do you know what the problem might be, please?


Yes connecting your laptop direct with NBN or Opticomm Port is possible!

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

If your Opticomm NTD is not seeing the router, its likely that there is a configuration issue. If you've engaged an Opticomm technician you may want to contact Aussie Broadband support team to get the configuration setting for your particular router.

Thats why either device cannot handshake at Layer 2 Mac Address.

Be interesting to know if you have a BYO ABB router?

You can connect your laptop to seek connectivity of Opticomms port for internet connectivity, however you are required to make some changes within the laptops IP CONFIG settings of your ethernet or wifi adaptor by inputting the gateway of the router and manually setting the ip address within the same subnet as the router you are trying to connect with ABB.

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