Internet Dropping every 10 minutes (NBN)

Name: Dillon Reed

Location: Sydney

My nbn internet connection persistantly drops out every 10 minutes! Called my NBN Service Provider and they said if it drops out it could be internet nbn wiring within my home. However they will not repair my wiring and told me to call a private technician.

Help or suggestions as to why the constant dropouts is greatly appreciated?


Internet dropping out in any interval of 10,20,30 minutes or even an hour usually relates to wiring

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Internet dropping out all the time? Vehemently denied on behalf of your NBN Service provider (well in some cases). Even if your NBN internet drops out for only a few seconds. One of our trusted go-to methods, is checking the router logs!

Once your router logs have been identified, it will usually let you know if your WAN/VDSL service is disconnecting and reconnecting. (If you aren't able to login to your router and identify the mostly jargon the router outputs, just ask us).

Why does your internet dropout?

Primarily faulty nbn sockets, environment conditions and cabling connectors are the cause. Identifying the dropouts can be secondly obtained by utilising an NBN line testing tool, which will allow us to investigate potential CRC errors which are related to faulty cabling.

Possessing the correct know-how and in-depth specialised knowledge of NBN's MTN, whilst incorporating the right tooling and network test equipment (VDSL, Fibre Test Equipment), you can be certain to identify the source of the frequent drop outs, ultimately giving you peace of mind and a much more stable and quicker nbn connection.


Your NBN internet cutting in and out? Let technicians assist you today!


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