Moving House Need Help Plugging In NBN Phone and Modem

Name: Rod

Location: Campbelltown

I am moving house shortly and have nbn phone, nbn internet for my pc and Wi-Fi for laptop .. can you set up and connect me as I don't know how to plug in the modem and phone to make it work. There is a couple of telephone sockets and round plugs on the wall


Dont know how to connect NBN router, home phone and cabling? We can.

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

It's understood when moving house is a stressful time, and you want to get connected back on the NBN as soon as possible. Again, yes, our technicians can assist and making your nbn router or modem and handset connect to NBNs connection point ourside your home.

Not only we'll help setting up the modem, plugging it in, testing both the nbn data and telephony services, we can even move your telephone socket so your home phone can be in another room to your actual nbn router if preferred.

Definately a good idea, as our team can also set it up ready to go, before you actually move in to your new property, hopefully eliminating some stresses.

How much does it cost to assist you with setting up your NBN connection is $149 inc GST.

How much does it cost to setup the above, and include checking your homes wiring and making sure its all ok is $279 inc GST.

Need NBN assistance connecting in home wiring and testing your NBN is working perfectly.


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