Moved New Home & NBN Cabling Was Missing! How to get connected?

Name: Nick Kellaway

Location: Erskineville

We just installed NBN cabling to the house as it was missing when we moved in. Do we need to contact the NBN to activate our connection or do we contact an ISP?


Call your ISP to activate your service.

Name: Mr Telco

Location: Australia Wide

Many new homes are still being developed without NBN cabling or infrustructure pre-wired within the new build.

Great to see you've taken the initiave and had your cabling installed.

For the folks who looked hard and couldn't locate your NBN socket or wiring, before engaging a registered cabler to perform installation, you need to do a little homework first.

Now heres why :)

Due to Australia's large land mass and terrain, NBN deemed it wasn't feasable to ONLY roll out Fibre To The Home (perhaps 51 Billion wasnt enough)

. So Government decided NBN to be designed as a multi-technology network which utilises an assortment of fibre, copper, coaxial (HFC) type cabling as last mile connectivity to end users (depending on areas). Oh, I forgot Satellite, mainly provisioned in regional.

If your NBN cabling or Wall Socket cannot be located, do a quick technology check using NBNs Technology Check Tool prior to engaging in any cabling work. Or, when calling a Contractor ask him to research for you, but better to be safe than sorry right?

Once your home or units NBN cabling is finally installed, you need to get straight on the phone with your preferred ISP, select a plan suitable and away you go.

Infact, your ISP does all the liasing in the background, so you don't have to!

I hope this has been super informational, should you have any questions around locating your NBN cabling, NBN connection boxes or just totally confused, just call us for friendly free advice, pick up the line and call us.


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