NBN Checker [Address + Service Type]

Posted at 25/12/2020 06:09pm

Wait! Prior to selecting your NBN Provider, consider checking your NBN address for serviceability as this ensures you know nbns technology delivered to your suburb. Heck, if you're renting a property, chances are you move house every couple of years and keeping up with NBNs technology twist or MTN (multi-technology-network) ain't no easy plug and play and away-you go type of thing.

Moving house could actually put you behind months in being connected in some cases, including stress for you and your family when you find out getting an NBN connection isnt as easy as portrayed. Especially if you will be fronting extra costs for an NBN technician for resolving internet fauts and cabling issues on your property.

Back on track! NBNs rollout during planning stage has you pretty much stuck to a particular NBN technology that you may or may not have experienced in the path. Check out NBN technology types to understand.

How to check my address has NBN?

Mr Telco's NBN address checker lets you know if your property has previously connected to NBNs network thus your NBN internet service is ready to to rock once you move into your new home.

NBN's installation date and connection times are determined whether the property has previously been connected on NBN's super fast network. Experience says NBN Fibre or FTTH is the fastest way to get connected as you will connect to your UNI-D port of your NTD, input your NBN ISPs connection settings and woolah.


Check NBN availability at your address here:

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Now you've understood NBNs availability at your address, you now need to select the

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