Data Cabling Installation Cost - How much per data point?

Posted at 27/07/2015 06:42pm

How much should you outlay to have data cable installed in your home or business?

If you’ve got a requirement to have data cable installed within your home or business you can almost guarantee that business data cabling will certainly cost more than a standard residential home. There are certain data cable characteristics which you must also take into consideration before choosing the right installation company for the job.

Following are various factors which may influence the costs and you should absolutely understand prior to initiating a phone call with your local data cabling installer and of course to better help you understand your requirements which may or may not adversely affect your overall installation cost and performance for your requirement.

Data Cabling Installation

What application will I be using the data cable(s) for?

If you are wanting a data cable to simply hardwire your X-Box console for online gaming through your home broadband router, then you’re most probably best off selecting a Cat5e cable as it will be the cheapest installation. Why? Because performance wise you will see absolutely no difference in speed, because your internet is only as fast as your weakest link. That weakest link is your ADSL2+ modem, or whatever means you utilising to connect to the internet. Even if you’re connected to the NBN which is done via fibre delivery, your service provider will only offer you connections up to around 100mb maximum downstream speed.

Cat5e cable is quite capable of delivering Gigabit Ethernet. This also goes for most home cabling such as IP Camera’s around your premises, SIP phones or anything where you really aren’t running systems for mission critical purposes. That said, as cabling is a technology it slowly fades out as far as availability vs cost and most data cable installers will most probably install Cat6 into your home, and this way it protects your cable investment as we move towards the future.

Do I need the cable to be installed internally or to an external location?

If you are considering installing a data cable to supply internet or any Ethernet services to say a backyard granny flat, shed or even another outside location or building within your business premises you will need to install a different type of data cable specifically used for outdoor use and we call it flooded cat6 data cable, which is basically a standard Cat6 cable, however these cables are actually housed inside a rugged/tougher external sheath to protect from environmental factors such as weather conditions like the sun, rain and perhaps vermin which have a tendency to chew on cabling. Not only that, the cable is gel filled to deter water and is fully waterproof, this protects your transmission along your copper cabling within your cable. Using the flooded Cat6 cable will have a lot longer lifespan compared to using your standard data cabling in an outdoor environment, however flooded cable will cost more, which your installation company will quote extra on your job.

Will my data cabling be used within a mission critical environment?

If you are installing data cabling to run mission critical services like within a data centre, corporate, business, government agencies such as council’s or schools, you want to ensure that along with your data cabling installation you are provided with a report for each data cable. This report is called an Ethernet or RFC 2544 report and tests your cable from end to end for any bit errors, frame drops and latency, which could be a result of faulty cabling or connections.

Although not all data cabling companies are fit with this type of Ethernet testing equipment, it’s always a good idea to ask whether the specific company will perform an RFC2544 test to prove the cabling is up to standard. If the company doesn’t provide these tests, you may require the services of another data networking company to perform these in depth tests for you to ensure throughput and your cabling is error free, ready for transmission across your network.



In conclusion, there are multiple factors and influences that can contribute to your overall data cabling installation cost, although we’ve covered a few worth mentioning above, you’ll definitely need professional advice from your data cabling and network experts. Our Mr Telco network cabling computer installer team can provide you with a competitive quote and installation. Contact our friendly team today.

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