My Speed Boost (Exetel) EXPLAINED

Posted at 07/08/2022 12:59pm

What is My Speed Boost?

My Speed Boost

Brief intro, Exetel is Australia's largest independant Internet Provider which recently acquired by Company Superloop Inc, who also own the registered trademark for Exetel's new exiting customer product called My Speed Boost.

My Speed Boost is a new customer focused product allowing their Internet Users (over 110,000 customers) flexibility to either turn up or down their internet speed at the users command.

Enabling users to boost internet speed serves purpose for times of heavy internet data usage whereas a family of 5 are all trying to watch Netflix, Stan or alternate online streaming services or perhaps it's a raining weekend and the kids are downloading XBox games and the parents are streaming TV, by using My Speed Boost the benefits are, you will have a higher bandwidth which will minimize the affect on say Netflix dropping out for example, so it's moreover a user enhancement product conveniently giving control to Exetel's customers.

How fast is Exetel's My Speed Boost?

How Fast is My Speed Boost

My Speed Boost is not a question of how fast, to explain simply, when you decide to utilise the My Speed Boost feature your internet speed simply doubles (+) your plans download and upload capacity, pretty much upping your plan to the next tier without the needed costs involved of calling up customer service, upgrading plans, new contracts and the rigmarole we are currently used to. However, the fastest speed you can achieve is the 500/50Mbps plan however mentioned above, you'll have to currently be on the 250/25Mbps plan to achieve, I hope you catch my drift.

How do I get My Speed Boost?

Existing users of Exetel need to simply visit their Portal, and activate the feature. All new users wanting to experience boosting their internet speeds conveniently can sign up on Exetel's Plan and go from there. 

How to turn on Exetel My Speed Boost?

How to turn on My Speed Boost

Simply log on your Exetel mobile app or Portal, and press the button GO! My Speed Boost will be enabled. My Speed Boost is offered in 24 hour blocks, so it boosts for the entire day. You can also schedule days in advance on a calendar should you choose.


How much does My Speed Boost cost?

Only $2 per boost, however all users on plans above 50/25Mbps include a crazy 5 FREE DAYS for boosting your internet and then it's $2 per boost. Awesome huh?

Is My Speed Boost Free?

5 Free Boosts per month exept for if you're currently on BASIC 12/1Mbps & Everyday 25/10Mbps no free boosts are available.

What if I don't use My Speed Boost, am I refunded?

Nope, you're not refunded for any unused boosts however instead they rollover to the next month, which is a pretty good initiatve.

Can I add My Speed Boost to Exetel's Lightspeed Plan?

Unfortunately, Lightspeed 500/50Mbps are not included in the offering, but who knows in the future once technology, telco hardware and capability furthers, I'm sure Exetel will conside the 1Gbps Supersonic speed boost!

Can Business get My Speed Boost?

Whoops, unfortunately Business are not included in the My Speed Boost offering. Alternatives maybe available for faster internet for Business by upgrading plans or even say technology upgrades to Fibre? Best to speak to your dedicated business support team at Exetel for assistance.

My Speed Boost Information

Finally, fellow internet users, I hope this breakdown has been informative on Exetels new product and it's certainly setting new standards in Australia for how we are using our internet connections, I say cudos to Exetel. I wonder how many fast followers (ISPs) will seek out this same path? Who knows!