NBN Wall Socket For Phone & Modem - Need Installation?

Posted at 15/12/2015 12:10am

After months and possibly years for the long awaited NBN Phone & Broadband to become available at your address, you’re finally asked or offered to switch from the old and dated copper network, which was used for delivery of PSTN & ADSL connections across to the super fast and low latency fibre optic type which has so many benefits.

 3 main technologies you'll see connecting users to the super duper NBN is done so via;
a) FTTP - a fibre optic cable terminating directly inside your home.
b) FTTN/FTTB - Using a connection type called Very-high-bit-rate digital subscriber line or VDSL2.
c) HFC (Foxtel/broadband type cable).

Ultimately, the issue arises when once you’ve got your NBN Connection box installed, you’ll require cabling to be distributed and connected from existing wall sockets back to your NBN NTD ports. These ports on the back of the NBN NTD are called UNI-V ports (for voice) and UNI-D ports (for data).

NBN Wall Socket

 Mr Telco have received numerous phone calls from customers who are really dissatisfied with the treatment, overall installation quality and specific location of the NBN Connection Box. Most of our complaints are that the NTD has been installed within the garage, and they’re complaining about their NBN phone line not working after installation from NBN Contractors. Yikes!

Various requests our Company received:

“Can we relocate our NBN connection from our garage to our study location?”

“Only one phone point is working since been switched across to the NBN, can you help?”

“We want to install data cable throughout our whole entire house to utilise the maximum capability of NBN.”

Specifically, after the inundation of phone calls for NBN type connection assistance, we thought to do a little research to make sure;
a) We had full understanding of NBN customers complaints and nature
b) We were providing true and detailed information

During our research into the best and correct locations where a NBN Connection Box could be installed, we stumbled over this document here, that states:

NBN Connection Box


“The NBN Connection box should not be located within an out building, garage, wet area or hard to reach location. Additional charges will apply for cabling to get your services working from these locations.”


But then….

 This document doesn’t state the same, it doesn’t mention the garage in it’s list, however the following areas were more so prohibited for installation of the NBN Connection Box.

Bathroom, shower or toilet, Laundry, Sauna, spa or pool area, Kitchen area, Poorly ventilated cupboard, Near heater, Verandah or patio, Ceiling, wall or floor cavity.

 Now, given the above two lists, I’m going to say the later example is more accurate, as from a logical point of view, currently there are many lead in cable installations, especially of the traditional copper PSTN type that are actually run to the side of a garage and thus, kind of an easy and out of the way place to install the NBN Connection Box. That doesn’t mean your modem should be installed within the garage though, by no means.

NBN Data Cabling

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