Phone Line Repair Cost - Average repair price anyone?

Posted at 03/01/2017 01:29am

Before delving into the prices you should be expected to pay for a phone line repair, you first need to understand that some repair costs maybe covered by the ISP, however that’s dependant on the location of the fault.

In the telecommunications world, there is an invisible barrier in which the ISP is responsible to provide a working service to, and of course responsible for repair costs. It’s called the Network Boundary Point.

Now, depending on the type of residence you reside in i.e. house on a block of land, townhouse or high-rise unit – the network boundary demarcation point can be any of the following locations, again, where your ISP must provide a working service.

ISP Responsible For Service:
- Telstra Box or NBN NTD Box
- First Telephone Socket
- MDF (main distribution frame)

Determining the exact problematic location can be anyone’s guess sometimes if you’re not a qualified telco technician. Don’t expect your ISP to fix cabling past the network boundary point as that’s deemed ‘customer internal cabling’ and should they identify the fault within your premises, they’ll generally issue you with an ICOF (incorrect call out fee). 

In order to avoid an incorrect call out fee, you’d be required to engage a private telephone technician to investigate your internal cabling, sockets, alarms and any other devices which maybe causing problems. 

Either way you turn, you’re at risk of incurring a fee, whether it’s from your ISP or your privately hired technician. 

One way you can look at it possibly. If you’re living within an older type (5+ years) premises or an apartment block there’s a higher probability that something local could be affecting your phone/internet service, thus might be a good idea to get that private ACMA certified phone and internet technician visit as opposed to engaging your ISP in the first instance.

phone line repaired

Now, the reason for engagement of the private telco technician, is they’ll go through, check, update and repair any potential issues which might be playing factor in your phone or internet troubles.

By engaging a private technician, you’ll have the peace of mind there will be no outlying issues internally, thus if you do have issues on your Providers side of the network, you will be covered from an incorrect call out fee, which I believe the cost is $225 + dollars from the time at writing this.

Always remember to ask your telephone technician to provide you with a detailed Service Fault Report on completion – identifying their findings on-site, for you to then pass onto your Service Provider. It will help you and the ISP out, so at least you might not be waiting as long for repair, should the issue be pinpointed in the report.


What’s the average cost for a phone line repair?

Average phone line repair costs on the market for service range between $150-$300 depending on common factors such as time and materials.

Cheapest is not always best when engaging a private technician for a telephone line or internet repair. You are best to go with a company upholding a reputation and experience in the field.

The last thing you want to do, is hire that el-cheapo technician to save a few dollars, after paying him and he’s left your premises the service goes back down, you then ring to complain and cannot get onto him again, leaving you in a position to folk out double, by engaging a company you should have hired in the first place.

To give you an example on Mr Telco’s standard National pricing structure. We charge $189 inc GST for a call out, which also includes our technicians time onsite for the entire 1 hour. Should we be requiring more time to resolve your problem, we’ll always liaise with the customer, ensuring they are updated at every possible point during the job. Generally a technicians time is billed at $25 per 15 minute increment thereafter.

As a rough guestimate, 90% or so of Mr Telco’s fault jobs are completed within the 1-hour time frame, as we try to minimize time on-site to save our customers money.

Happy customers are everything in any service business, and providing exceptional quality and workmanship closely follows. Transparency is key with any service pricing, as leaving a customer stung with unforseen pricing, then told to pay the invoice is bad business practice, which many operators still use these tactics today.

If you’re looking for transparent pricing for phone line repairs, contact our head office as we operate in all cities inc Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Gold Coast and many more – we are ready to be of service to you. Mr Telco will ensure to take care of you.


Let us know your requirements, or even if you’d like some helpful and free information just use our Contact Us form and we’ll be in touch, alternatively you can book our phone line repair services online anytime.