Internet Repairs Wollongong

Having Internet problems? Does your Skype keep disconnecting? Performing a Speed Test may make you warm and fuzzy but internet issues may require some further assessment?

Mr Telco’s Internet Repair Process?:

step 1 Check network boundary for speed, signal and problems

step 2 Identify entire home or business potential faulty wiring

step3 I.D wallsockets for any underlying causes

step 4 Isolate and check all internal cabling connecting your devices

step 5 Test & confirm any issues and advise you (customer report PDF issued)

Mr Telco’s Internet Repair Services conducted by our certified repairmen servicing Wollongong who are all equipped with the right tools for the job, will make your decision for engaging Mr Telco the best one you can make (seriously). Our specialists are experts in fixing internal wiring faults and fault identification locating. Our Wollongong technicians will be able to assist you and resolve your internet related issues by identifying and troubleshooting your current internet encounters.

What connection types we can fix?

 tickADSL / ADSL2

 tickVDSL2 (FTTN)

 tickNBN (FTTH)

tickWireless 4G / Wimax WiFi


Why should you choose us?

 tick Same Day Resolution

 tick Service Fault Report

 tick End to End Resolution

 We provide end to end resolution, ensuring that your issue is identified and resolved, if it is at the network boundary point, within your internal wiring, or with your sockets. Once these tests are completed, an internet repairs report will be generated and sent to you which can be sent to your ISP (eg Telstra, Optus, iiNet, TPG, DoDo). This report details the work that was done, and identifies any issues that may (and what was fixed) or may not be present.  And all of this is done within the same day! So go ahead and book an appointment with our Wollongong Technician today!

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Internet / NBN Repair or Fault Investigation (inc technician roll out & repair)

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