MDF Jumpering Wollongong

MDF jumpering is a process that requires connecting your phone or internet service provider line to your line at the interchange between the outside world and that of your building. The frame houses hundreds of connections and usually located in a common area of your apartment building within a wiring closet and it can include connections from different service providers too.

The job is done with a systematic protocol wherein the baton is first handed over by your Wollongong service provider to the 3rd party contractor (Mr Telco) usually to finish the jumper from the A SIDE to the B SIDE (which is basically all the way to your apartment phone socket in laymans terms).

The procedure has to be done by Mr Telco’s licensed telephone technicians to cross-connect the Service Provider’s line to your available line on the MDF within your commercial or residential space. Mr Telco accomplishes MDF jumpering for our Woolongong customers with complete professionalism. Our technicians are trained and able to execute all aspects of the job by the book.

Here's some food for thought! Why not ask our technician while he's onsite to upgrade your phone socket to ensure you'll have the latest RJ type giving a more relaible connection? You may also decide your phone point is not located in the most convenient spot too, so don't hesitate to ask our technician as we also perform phone line installation services in Wollongong and can adjust our pricing to accommodate.

MDF jumpering involves a number of routines which are:-

procedureFind the tag of your provider on the MDF with your ID number

procedureJumper the frame and install cabling from frame to your interior space

procedureMake the noting on the frame book that documents your connection

procedureScrutinize all connections inside your Woolongong space

Mr Telco team has the resources and the skills to handle MDF jumpering requests over all telecom technologies and MDF types such as Krone . Our technicians carry out a precise undertaking that has no weak links. Our standard rate covers jumpering at a maximum of three MDF units. Get in touch with us to get a perfect MDF jumpering job done at your Woolongong premises. We have a typical turnaround time of less than 24 hours.

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